Site Superintendent


At The Plato Group, our Site Superintendents have the ability to handle all phases of any project, from pre-construction estimates right through to final inspections. That encompasses tasks such as preparing work schedules, monitoring expenses, inspecting performances, maintaining records of cost, and much more.


When it comes to Site Superintendents, experience is vital. That’s why we offer only the most accomplished performers here at The Plato Group. We prefer to hire and train individuals with a wide variety of skills to ensure competence and proficiency on every project, and the majority of our personnel have 5 years experience - at a very minimum.


The amount of personnel on site varies from project to project, but a superintendent should be prepared to interact with anyone and everyone, from architect to contractor. Our Site Superintendents are capable of handling a variety of different situations at an expert level, whether that’s diffusing certain situations or training new hires. The Plato Group is confident in the ability of our staff to be as professional as you need, no matter the scene.