Site Safety and Health Officer


Our Site Safety and Health Officers have the experience your clients demand, from USACE and NAVFAC qualifications to ExxonMobil permits, and everything in between. Site superintendents have enough responsibility with budgets, deadlines, and personnel management - safety shouldn’t be allowed to get lost in the mix. SSHOs at The Plato Group are trained professionals whose only responsibility is to send your employees home uninjured at the end of the day.


It’s important for people to be properly protected at all times, both on and off site. Our SSHOs are meticulous and attentive to every detail, carefully monitoring hazardous working conditions and mitigating unsafe activities. So leave the workers to their work, and the managers to theirs - and let our safety experts protect them every step of the way.


We offer several targeted safety audits, including examination of existing safety policies and plans, pre-OSHA inspection, walk-around reviews, and work practice audits. Additionally, our SSHOs are experienced technical safety writers that are capable of designing a live safety plan customized for your organization, project, and people. The Plato Group has the onsite health and safety planning credentials you’ll need for every project.