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Professional staff are required to attain minimum education levels within the safety field, and remain up-to-date with industry changes through continuing education.


Nothing beats the practice of having actually held the tool in your hand, and used it for its intended purpose; therefore all professional staff have more than just classroom learning - they have boots-in-the-mud field experience.


There is no room for guesswork when judging competency, so professional staff are required to achieve and maintain certification by a recognized governing body such as the Institute for Safety and Health Management, and strongly encouraged to hold membership in professional organizations such as the American Society of Safety Engineers.

William M. Watson, III
Construction Project Manager
Dominion Virginia Power

"The Plato Group made an immediate impact, not only with the site safety culture, but in overall employee morale."

"The Plato Group would be a strong addition to any program.  I highly recommend them...."

"We are pleased to say we have been completely satisfied with the service we have received. The Plato Group has been knowledgeable and helpful during the course of these projects. With their assistance in the safety area, we have been able to provide our customers with the assurance of a safe worksite and with total compliance of all safety regulations."

"We would definitely use The Plato Group on other projects and would highly recommend them to other prospective clients."

Steve Roebuck
Cates, Courtney & Roebuck

David Richardson
Corporate Safety Manager
Strata Solar

"I would like to take this opportunity to commend to you the work and dedication of The Plato Group. We have used The Plato Group in their capacity as both on-site environmental, safety, and health professionals, and as consultants in helping to manage the safety and health of our employees and subcontractors."

"A large part of this process has included the development and deployment of training programs which have been used to both maintain compliance with regulatory agencies, and promote safe work practices among our field staff. Much of this work has taken place in a real-world, working environment, with the daily challenges of weather, tight production schedules, a complex construction process, and a varied workforce."

"In all of this we have found Doc Plato and his team to be adept at navigating the difficult challenge of enforcing safety and health initiatives while building trust and credibility among a large group of workers. I believe The Plato Group would be a tremendous addition, and would provide excellent services."